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2 canning questions

I have 2 questions: 1) I have several half-pint jars of jalapeƱos that I canned one year ago. What is their shelf life? They will be two years old by the time we get to the end of them. Just wondering if I should can fresh jalapeƱos to be on the safe side?
2) My mother-in-law taught me to can stewed tomatoes (in own juice) a few years ago. She instructed me to process quarts for 45 minutes in a hot water bath canner. I've never added salt or lemon juice, either, and I've never had any problems with spoilage, even after a full year on the shelf. Last spring, I purchased a Ball canning cookbook. It says to process stewed tomatoes (in own juice) for 85 minutes!! It also said to add 2 Tbsp lemon juice per quart. I'm happy to add the lemon juice, but isn't 85 minutes in a canner a little overkill? I am NOT using low acid tomatoes. It seems like an awfully long processing time, especially when I've never had a problem with processing for 45 minutes.


Traill County ND almost 5 years ago

Burn pile turned raspberry and strawberry patch?

Hello, We live up in Traill Cty and have alkaline soil (my husband figures 7-8ph). We have a large burn pile located next to our garden, and it has been there for approx 20 years. I would like to expand the garden into the burn pile and plant new raspberry and strawberry plants, and possibly asparagus and rhubarb. We still have branches, etc. buried under snow from last fall that would need to be burned and tilled in (as well as all the ashes on the top of the soil from the past 20 years) before extending the garden for the perennial bed. Is this a bad idea? I just wonder if all the ash will be too harsh for the four fruits/veggies listed above. Thank you!


Traill County ND over 6 years ago


I ordered dormant asparagus crowns through a catalog during the winter. I just received the crowns and opened them, only to find mold on the roots. I think I see varying shades and amounts of white, blue and green. I called the company-the rep said a little mold is okay; plant them and wait six weeks to see what they look like. Is this sound advice? I guess I thought the roots were supposed to be white and healthy, not brown and moldy. I wouldn't plant a tomato plant with moldy roots...should dormant plants be different? Thank you.


Traill County ND over 4 years ago

Herbicides in asparagus beds

What herbicide can I spray in my asparagus beds that will kill broadleaf, but not damage the asparagus?


Traill County ND about 2 years ago

custom combining

What does it cost to own and operate a combine and supporting equipment on a corn and bean farm in trail county ND


Traill County ND almost 7 years ago

How can you overwinter potted strawberry plants?

I received some strawberry plants from a friend's patch which she has had for some years so they are acclimated to our winters. I planted some in a couple large flower pots & some in my rose bed in early June. The plants really took & had a few strawberries this year.

Now I am not sure how to winterize the ones in the pot or the flower bed. Do I cut them back or leave the foliage on? Should I leave the strawberries in the pots & leave them outside or put them in an unheated garage? Should I put mulch on the pots? Any advise you could give me on how to winterize strawberries would be great. I live in Hatton, N.D. Thank you.


Traill County ND almost 7 years ago

Pull up my rhubarb?

After the hard frost that we had a couple nights ago, I've heard murmurings that it's unsafe to eat rhubarb because the toxicity of the leaves has moved down into the stalk. Is there any truth to this? If so, do I need to pull ALL my rhubarb stalks or just those with wilted or browned leaves? Most importantly, will it grow back this season and be safe for eating? Any other info I need to know? Thank you.


Traill County ND about 5 years ago


Hello there! I have very much enjoyed reading the Q&A websites regarding horticulture. I know little of flowers, so I am thankful for the expertise you share with the public!

I recently moved to the area after marrying a farmer...caring for his fields left little time to care for the yard! I have my work cut out for me :)

I do have a few questions...

1) I understand I can divide and transplant peonies right now. One of our peonies has black spots on leaves, like black spot on rose bushes. Should I kill off the plant? Try to cure it? Or transplant it (like I was going to do) and see if that cures it?

2) How do I kill off an overgrown and out-of-control patch of unwanted hydrangeas?

3) I understand I can divide and transplant irises right now. I have lots! I've been instructed to throw away the old part of the rhizome - not to transplant it. How will I identify what to transplant and what to discard?

4) How do I kill grass growing in my irises? Is it even necessary to kill it if I am transplanting some of them elsewhere?

5) Can I divide and transplant rhubarb right now or do I have to wait until spring?

Thank you very much for your assistance! You have no idea how helpful this service has been to me!

Mrs. O


Traill County ND almost 7 years ago

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