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Newly Planted Magnolia Tree

We recently planted a magnolia tree in the backyard with buildings and a fence nearby to provide shelter. A few leaves have turned brown and we don't know how to judge the tree's vigor except that it hasn't changed in any significant way in the 2 weeks or so since planting. It has terminal buds and what look like blossom buds at the ends of branches. We watered it deeply twice since planting.

Are we just having new tree anxiety?

Dan Buchanan

Jamestown, ND


Stutsman County ND over 2 years ago

Using VOM wheat for seed

Hi! I am just curious if NDSU has an opinion on using 12.1 ppm VOM for seed wheat the following growing season. Thanks!


Stutsman County ND field crops small grains wheat over 5 years ago


I am going to be farming a piece of property next spring from a neighbor whom has passed away. I would like to put it into organic but I have no idea if he used chemicals or fertilizers, is there a soil test to determine this.


Stutsman County ND organic production organic certification over 4 years ago

Air plant

i know it's an air plant, I've had it about a year and it has bloomed and looks like it's going to again. I would like to get another one but don't know the name of it.



Stutsman County ND plant identification over 4 years ago

Deer Rubbing

We purchased 2 acres on the east edge of Jamestown, ND in 1992. There were no trees, except for a shelterbelt at the rear of the property. My husband loves trees and has been busily planting and tending them ever since. It's pretty normal to catch quick glimpses of deer in the shelterbelt, but they rarely venture onto our lawn. Two days ago my husband discovered that one of his linden trees had been rubbed. The tree is about 12'-14' tall and 8"-9" in circumference. The rubbing begins 16" above ground level and continues upwards for another 25". As soon as he discovered the damage, my husband surrounded the tree with sturdy wire. We checked YouTube for videos about deer rubbing. One video gave instructions for trimming off all loose strands of bark surrounding the wound. The video said the tree will recover quicker if the wound is "cleaned up." My husband's thinking is to not do anything. Just keep the tree safe and let it heal on it's own. What is your advice, please. Thank you.


Stutsman County ND wildlife damage management trees and shrubs deer horticulture over 3 years ago

Best time to apply preemergent for crabgrass in ND

I have read many times that the best time to apply a pre-emergent for crabgrass is when soil temperature is 55-60 degrees. How can I know this without the use of a soil thermometer. Is there a website that monitors and posts current soil temperatures for ND? 2016 has been warmer than normal. Does this mean that I will need to apply a pre-emergent sooner than in other years?


Stutsman County ND lawns and turf crabgrass horticulture crabgrass preemergent almost 4 years ago

What's my plant?

I'm trying to identify this small plant. Any help?



Stutsman County ND plant identification horticulture over 4 years ago

Florscent Starters

What is the difference between a S2 and FS2 florscent starter


Stutsman County ND home energy appliances and lighting almost 6 years ago

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