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What could be wrong with my weeping willow?

I have a prairie cascade weeping willow in my back yard. Fall 2012 the leaves got brown/black spots and they dropped early, and the branches weren't very "weepy". So I researched over the winter and decided it was fungal. I sprayed it spring 2013 with Chlorothalonil and the tree did great last summer! The tree was full of leaves and the branches were weepy again. This spring I noticed the branches were starting to curl up again, so I sprayed it again. Now the north side of my tree is really bare, and only the new growth on the rest of the tree has big leaves. Did I hurt the tree, or is there something else wrong with it? I live in eastern ND.


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Steele County ND about 6 years ago

Tree fungus?

This tree has this all over it. What is it? does it spread and can I just cut down and burn the tree?


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Steele County ND 2 months ago

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