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cedar tree rust

what kind of apple tree can we grow close to cedar trees? and also is there anything we can spray on bushes that are already planted by cedar trees?

Stark County ND over 5 years ago

Garden cover crop

What can I use for a fall winter cover crop in sw ND. I would like to till it under in spring. This is for my garden


Stark County ND almost 3 years ago

Seeding lawn

This spring I tilled mty front yard and planted new grass. The mixture I was encouraged to purchase was Ace Hardwaers High traffic lawn mix. It looks like a very high percentage of rye grass. Mid spring the grass grew in and looked great. Now the grass is two diffent shades of green and doesn't stand up to the heat even after watering every morning. Should I over seed with a different type of seed? Something that will hold up better in our ND climate. Grass gets full fun from 10 AM till 9PM


Stark County ND about 4 years ago


Do you know if wisteria can grow in western ND


Stark County ND over 2 years ago

Best grass seed

Hello. I was wondering what the best grass seed is to use that's drought and heat resistant. Not just because of this year but we've had a hard time growing grass. Especially in our south facing backyard. And where would we purchase it? Thank you!


Stark County ND about 3 years ago

Land purchase price

What are current average prices of pasture land?


Stark County ND over 3 years ago


Do you know what kind of spider this is?


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Stark County ND almost 4 years ago

Spider identification

I have a particular spider on my porch that I would like to know the name of and any other information. There are cat spiders also but, this one is different. I have kids and I want to know if I should be concerned. I don't like killing the spiders so we just watch them.


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Stark County ND almost 5 years ago

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