Slope County, North Dakota

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temporary ryegrass lawn

Greetings from western ND!
Last year I used glyposate to dessicate my farmhouse lawn and then tilled it. After reading your publication on home lawn care (H1311 revised) I decided to wait till this fall to plant it. I would plant a temporary stand of perennial ryegrass. Does it need to be covered with straw or wood chips too? Should I dessicate the perennial ryegrass before seeding the lawn this fall? What blend of grasses would you recommend for a hardy lawn in my area?
Thanks, Aber


Slope County ND over 2 years ago

Florence Crab Apple Tree

I am trying to purchase a couple Florence Crab Apple trees for my farm. Grandma had a branch of Florence grafted on when I was growing up. Makes the BEST pickled apples! Do you know a nursery where I can purchase either the whole tree, or a scion? Thank you very much.
Melvin Pierce
Scranton, ND
NDSU BS 1976


Slope County ND almost 3 years ago

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