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Tiny black bugs in my house!

I have a bunch of these bugs around my house. I also found some in the bed. We found a bunch in our carpet. Does anyone know what they are and or know if they bite. Btw the last photo is the bug in water.

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Los Angeles County California over 2 years ago

Gooseberry and Currant berry in LA

Is it possible to grow Gooseberry and Currant plants in the patio in Los Angeles area? If yes, where we can buy the plants, not seeds? Thank you.

Los Angeles County California over 5 years ago


does the ACA set a limit as to how much doctors are paid for certain procedures or per patient

Los Angeles County California almost 7 years ago

Goat head seed pick up

How do I remove dried up goats heads from my dirt


Los Angeles County California about 1 month ago

Rose bush diseases

My Cecil Brunner has developed yellow leaves, brown dead leaves and green leaves all on the same branches/stems. What might cause this, and what is a remedy? We have ruled out gophers and lack of water because either would cause whole branches or the whole bush to die...


Los Angeles County California 3 months ago

Live oak tree Nextdoor

My neighbor has a 31 year old live oak tree that she refuses to remove. This tree and it’s roots are about 4 feet from my property and my pool equipment pad and it’s roots are encroaching into my yard lifting my hard scape breaking sprinklers spa lines. What a nightmare this tree is! What can I do? She called her homeowners insurance, but I find it hard to believe they are going to pay the estimated damages I’ve gotten quotes to fix the damage for. Including replacement of the hard scape to pavers , so every time a pipe breaks because of her roots I can fix it easier than cement. Ugh


Los Angeles County California 4 months ago

Please help me name this spider!

I’m curious to know what kind of spider this is, it has a very distinct V on its back


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Los Angeles County California 12 months ago

Spider question

Can anyone tell me what this spider is?



Los Angeles County California about 1 year ago

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