Sargent County, North Dakota

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High tunnel tomatoes

We will be starting our second year with a high tunnel in southeast North Dakota. Do you have any recommendations for tomatoes that do well in a high tunnel? Last year we raised a number of different names and found a couple that seemed to do very well. Early Girl, Lemon Boy, and Cobra. Do you have any general high tunnel info?


Sargent County ND over 7 years ago

Lily Fruit

I'm wondering if there is such a fruit called "lily fruit" that is edible and comes from a variety of lily. I've seen pictures of it on a Google search, but wondering if any variety(ies) grow in the Upper Midwest?


Sargent County ND 11 months ago

Purple Smoke Tree

Can a variety of a purple smoke tree grow and thrive in North Dakota? Do they survive in Zones 3-4?


Sargent County ND 11 months ago

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