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How many sq ft do you to haul goats for 3 hrs of travel time


Ransom County ND 10 months ago

Replacing DEAD Pine trees

I have a two row shelter belt going around our home. The outside row is Ash trees with the inside row being pine. During the wet years of 09, 10, & 11 over 20 of our pine trees died, which were located in the wettest area. Please be advised that this shelter belt is over 25yrs old and many of the pines and the ash trees are 30' tall. Any ideas of what type of tree I should plant to take the place of those 20+ pine trees? SLJ


Ransom County ND about 6 years ago

Chemical for forage sorghum

I am looking for a chemical to spray forage sorghum v that is about 15/20 inches tall mostly pig weed. In it


Ransom County ND about 4 years ago

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