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musk melon

I grew Pride of Wisconsin Melons last year- The crown had a disease that looked to be dark brown- it had sunken lesion or stem deterioration- the vines continued to grow and produced football size melons- just prior to becoming ripe the fruit collapsed and melted flat on the ground. disappointing to get so close and not be able to eat any of them.

Ramsey County North Dakota over 3 years ago

tatarian maple :Hotwings"

Hello from Devils Lake North Dakota. My young Hotwings tatarin amur maple has leaves that are black. What do you think is causing this?


Ramsey County North Dakota trees and shrubs over 6 years ago

canadian thisle in lawn we our locataed in at 6-mile bay, Scoobys point

our lawn is producing much thistle, it is growing faster than the lawn, during this dry period. lawn does not need cutting, , but the thistle is growing. how do we get rid of it. w/o a liscense applicator.?


Ramsey County North Dakota lawns and turf horticulture weed issues over 2 years ago

Trees and bushes

Can I purchase plants from your agency for our 10 acre farmstead east of Devils Lake? If I can. How do I go about it?


Ramsey County North Dakota about 2 years ago

black knot

Will black knot kill my lilac's and roses?


Ramsey County North Dakota horticulture over 3 years ago

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