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What is this plant?


Pierce County ND about 4 years ago

Evergreens Dying

We live near Rugby, we planted evergreens about 35 years ago all around our farmstead, they are 30+ feet tall and have looked a little under the weather the last couple of years but this year they seem to be dying from the bottom, up about 4 ft. Is there something going around? I am sure we have 75 trees and most of them look bad, we did buy some tree spikes, but they are so big I doubt that we can give them enough to make a difference. Do you know if they are needing a spray of some sort or have you had other complaints??? We sure do not want to loose these nice big trees from our yard. Do you have any advice for us??? We have had to cut some branches off the bottom and could mail you a core of a branch to look at if it would help us to get an answer.


Pierce County ND about 6 years ago

Tiny Hard raspberries

My raspberry patch is fairly old, in good soil and is pretty much weed free. I also cane them every year. This year they bloomed like crazy and I was so excited when I saw all the raspberries forming. Now, they are tiny and hard. There are a few that formed and can be eaten but the whole patch, 4 rows of about 8 feet with 6 feet between, are small and hard. It's the whole patch. Is there a reason for this? We've had plenty of rain and they are in full sun.


Pierce County ND about 4 years ago

weed and feed lawn

What time of the year should you put weed and feed on your lawn?


Pierce County ND over 2 years ago

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