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tree transplant

We have an ash tree approximately 4" across and 15ft high. Can it be safely moved and transplanted?


Pembina County ND about 5 years ago

Volunteer trees

What is the best way to get rid of volunteer ash trees in our lawn?


Pembina County ND about 2 years ago

Emerald ash borer larva?

I was splitting and stacking ash wood and came across this critter. Pics on the internet don't quite match this for emerald ash borer larva but I thought I'd just confirm. I don't think the emerald ash borer has been found in ND yet either so I'm even more doubtful it is but thought I'd double check.


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Pembina County ND almost 3 years ago

Spotting of leaves on 3 year old honey crisp apple tree


I live in Drayton ND and up to last week it has been extremely dry. I think we have had maybe only one half inch of rain all summer. It has been extremely dry . This is the 2ed year of drought .

I have a three year old honey crisp apple tree that show damage to some of its leaves.

The affected leaves seem to be mostly in the lower branches and one third to one half of the branch toward the trunk of the tree. In many cases there are normal green leaves next to the affected leaf. In other branches most of the leaves are affected by the infection. I noticed the infection maybe two months ago but thought it due to the drought, up to last week have been experiencing.

I am including tree Jpeg photos of the tree. two of affected leaves

Keith Kjelland

412 s 5th st

Drayton nd 58225

701 454 6595


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Pembina County ND 11 months ago

Lawn weeds

What is this weed and how do I get rid of it?



Pembina County ND almost 7 years ago

Round up around tree base.

To make mowing easier and to limit damage from mowers and string trimmers, is applying roundup around the base of a tree an ok practice? (This is on a golf course, so we have lots of trees). Do you have a publication on this? Is there a better alternatve?


Pembina County ND over 1 year ago

How soon after a hard freeze can you mow your lawn?

How soon after a hard freeze can you mow your lawn?


Pembina County ND almost 7 years ago

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