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Dead tree branch

What is killing only part of a branch on my crabapple tree?


Lassen County California about 1 year ago

Is this a Northern Black Widow?

So I've recently done my research on what this spider is. Everything that I've been looking at says it's a Northern Black Widow Spider. I've seen pictures of them and this looks like a baby. I'm just curious because lots of websites say they normally live in the northeast side of the United States. But this one was found in California.



Lassen County California about 3 years ago

Need help identifying

I found this purple leafy plant while hiking through ranch park in Susanville CA. At first glance I thought I may be a peony seedling but I fear I am wrong. I'm ever curious.


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Lassen County California over 4 years ago

What type of snake is this?

Can someone identify what type of snake this is? I believe it to be a constrictor racer.


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Lassen County California over 1 year ago

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