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Best plants for landscaping a large culvert?

My husband and I (formerly from the Northeast US) purchased a house in town that has a large culvert/drainage ditch running through the middle of its backyard. I would really love to clean it up and landscape it as a large "rain garden." I am hoping you can recommend plants that would work best for our climate in Glen Ullin and this particular situation (usually dry on the sides of the ditch, but can become waterlogged if we get heavy rain). I would prefer to plant perennials, and would especially like to mix in some native plants! Thanks in advance!


Morton County ND over 5 years ago

Yellow dropping leaves

I live in central ND and I have a small leaf Linden in our backyard! The last couple of years there have been several leafless branches and then about this time of year the leaves start turning yellow and dropping. Some told us they though we had root damage. We had a tree service over last Fall and they went around the yard and deep root fertilized but this year its doing the same thing. They came and looked at it again this Spring because it didn't totally leaf out again but said they would look at it again in August. I hate to lose this tree. We already had to cut down two Black Ash last year due to the black ash bore! Do you have any suggestions as to what to do or what the problem could be?


Morton County ND about 5 years ago

Prairie DreamĀ® Paper Birch

My elm trees were removed due to Dutch Elm disease and I'm thinking of replace them with Prairie DreamĀ® Paper Birch Betula papyrifera 'Varen'. Can I plant the new trees in the same locations the elms were in? The stumps have been grind. Also, how close can I plant two trees? I marked the locations I would like to plant them in the attached photo.



Morton County ND about 5 years ago

problem geese

I belong ot an organization that has a memorial walkway in a city setting. Close to the walkway is a small pond. Our problem is the geese that are attracted here and the mess they make on our bricks. Is there anything or anyway to discourage the geese from this area?
Thank you


Morton County ND about 7 years ago

Spring Bulbs

Locally I haven't found snowdrop bulbs to buy, so for my spring bulb budget I focused on other spring bulbs and planted them this weekend in Mandan, ND. However, if in the next two weeks when my paycheck cycle allows me to order snowdrop bulbs online, if they arrive in the mail to late to be planted this fall, can I refrigerate them until I can plant them in spring to bear blossoms that season?


Morton County ND almost 6 years ago

growing cut flowers for wedding reception Aug. 25

We're growing cut flowers in garden for table centerpieces for daughters wedding August 25. Snapdragons, gomphrena and cockscomb are blooming now-June 28. I cut main flower stem off snapdragons and they already have many flower branches that will bloom in a couple weeks. I continue to water and fertilize (sand soil). Should I cut back gomphrena and cockscomb or will they get taller/bigger with blooms on? How late should cut back so have best blooms by Aug. 25--or is it too late?
We planted 4 rows of zinnias that are 4 leaf stage now.
Thanks. Judy


Morton County ND about 2 years ago

Garden Voles

Now that spring has started to appear, I'm starting to plan for our backyard garden. Our garden is about 8'X10' in size and last summer was a home to numerous voles. Last year we tried to use Sweeney's mole & gopher repellent, which stated it worked for voles as well. It didn't work very well for us since we didn't notice any difference. We placed a few small mouse snap traps with peanut butter near openings into tunnels, but with no luck at catching any. We also tried sticky traps and only caught 2. Out of our garden they have favored the tomatoes and many went to waste. The only true threat to our vole population has been our neighbors cat, who had brought several prizes home to his masters last summer. Since we do have dogs ourselves and a helpful neighbor cat, we'd like to try products pet friendly. If you have any suggestions, we would love to try them!

Thank you,


Morton County ND over 4 years ago

Prairie Cascade Willow tree

I live in central North Dakota. We planted a prairie cascade willow tree too close to our house. It is now 9 years old and slapping at our windows and roof. Is it possible to prune it into a well behaving tree? I love the tree, the cascading branches, and privacy it gives, but my husband wants to cut it down. Is it too old and large to move to another location? Desperately trying to find alternatives to cutting down. Thank you!


Morton County ND about 6 years ago

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