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Aphid trouble

We have two large trees in front of my house that have what appears to be an aphid infestation - like raining sticky goo 24/7 onto everything around them! I’m having trouble finding someone that can help treat this issue or something we can apply on our own to get ride of this issue. It has been an issue for the last few years. Any help or advice?


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Mercer County North Dakota 9 months ago

Early Spring Aspapagus

I have a four year old asparagus patch. The stalks are growing very abundantly this spring, but are very small in diameter. What do I need to do to increase the size of the asparagus stalks? Could it be our soil or a need for fertilizer?


Mercer County North Dakota asparagus horticulture almost 6 years ago

Young trees

I planted some bare root meyer spruce trees this spring. They looked really good until recently.They are getting brown in the middle and I am afraid I am losing them. Wondering if over watering could be a cause, I set up a drip-line. Did I kill my trees with love?


Mercer County North Dakota trees and shrubs horticulture over 1 year ago

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