McLean County, North Dakota

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Wild Plum hollow deformed fruit

We have wild plum trees in the yard. Last year they produced very well with no issues. This year many of the trees have oversized hollow deformed plums forming (early June) I do not see any bugs or worms.


McLean County ND about 5 years ago

Localized foxtail that already has seed head

Hi. My question is: Is manually pulling up and removing the seed head to garbage bags an effective means to eradicate foxtail from a local area? Thanks, Doreen


McLean County ND about 1 year ago

Problem with leaves on Hot Wings Maple

We have 4 Hot Wings Maple trees planted along the street in the front of our house. They are very pretty this year with lots of hot wings in bright red coloring. Our problem is one tree is showing rust like spots on the leaves and tips are curling up, are dry, and will crumble when rubbed with your finger. This tree is in between 2 others and I would expect it will soon show up in others. What is happening with the tree and is there a recommended treatment? The trees are 12 to 15 feet tall, are stunningly beautiful, but no one told us that each of the Hot Wings seed will root almost any where. Thank you for any help you can give us.


McLean County ND about 7 years ago

My backyard is basically manure rather than black dirt. It has now turned...

My backyard is basically manure rather than black dirt. It has now turned into all dandelions/weeds or is dead. Recommendations please? I am surrounded by dandelions in all of the neighbors yards.


McLean County ND over 2 years ago

Fire Blight in Peonies

I transplanted/split several peonie bushes last fall. Some from in my yard and others from neighbors. Many of them in the front yard are doing beautifully well. The plants are large and the flowers are blooming. However, I placed a couple in my back yard and I just noticed that though the plants were large and loaded with buds, they appear to be dying or dead. The plants are all curled up and the buds even look dead. My neighbor said it appears to be a "fire blight". Plant looks like it has been scorched by heat.....yet they are in partial shade. Shall I pull and destroy them?? If I plant a peony or another plant in that area, is it likely they will get it too???


McLean County ND about 7 years ago

equine guided leadership

I am working with a group of shy youth passionate about horses.

Is there an equine guided leadership program or curriculum for youth?


McLean County ND over 5 years ago

Wildflower identification

I am trying to identify this wildflower. Found north and west of Baldwin between the river and the highway.



McLean County ND about 6 years ago

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