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Starting a lawn from seed

I am seeding a new lawn with Kentucky Bluegrass this Spring out in Velva, ND. I have heard conflicting reports on what type of fertilizer to put down first and whether it should contain more phosphorus or nitrogen. Do you have any tips on this?


McHenry County ND over 6 years ago

snakes in my basement

I am from North Dakota and I live in an old house. Like other old houses in ND they have a hand dug rock wall basement. I was getting ready to remodel the house starting in the basement. I cam across a 12 inch Garter Snake. Since then I have removed over 20. They are living in the rocks themselves and are hard to get out. I know the only 100 percent way to totally remove them is by having the house lifted and the rock walls removed. I was wondering if there is anything else that could be done. My guess they have been living there for years without my knowledge ( I dont spend a lot of time in my creepy basement - don't judge). I am looking for a way to drive them out or kill them.


McHenry County ND over 4 years ago

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