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Choosing trees

We are currently building a house on 3 acres near Steele. I am trying to decide which trees to plant in my front yard. I would love a few trees that have fabulous fall color and grow quickly, and also a few that will be nice, big sturdy trees. I was thinking about Red Maple and Quaking Aspen for the fall colors and Bur Oak for my sturdy ones but can't quite make up my mind. It seems like all varieties of trees have some sort of problem, whether that's extensive suckering or being prone to diseases. How do I make a decision? What works best here in ND for what I want out of a tree? Any help would be appreciated!


Kidder County ND almost 7 years ago

Aspen tree is not leafing out

We have 4 aspen trees in our back yard. 2 of them are fine and 2 have not leafed out. This is the first year this has happened. See pics.


Aspen1_300x300%2523 Aspen2_300x300%2523 Aspen3_300x300%2523

Kidder County ND 12 months ago

What is pasture land selling for in kidder co.

What is pasture land selling for in kidder co.


Kidder County ND over 2 years ago

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