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Fire effected Cedar

Hi, my property is in a northern CA area effected by one of the 2015 fires. I have a Cedar that was burned on only one side(about 1/3) by high grass. The branches on this side have all died, but those on the other 2/3 are lush and look healthy almost 4 years later. The top 10' of the tree(35') also died and I cut it off. The tree drip line provides great shade and I'd like to keep nurturing it. I'd like your opinion on the long term prospects for this tree's survival. Thank you, Steve


Lake County California over 1 year ago

Hop Picking and Cleaning

I have a small hop yard and think I can get my production up to 100 pounds fresh. The hops are grown on a permanent 10 foot trellis with netting. When I harvest, I both pick the cones directly or cut off sections of bine and pick them in the house. When all the hops are mature, this will be too much to clean by hand. The mechanical harvesters are both way too expensive and designed for cutting the whole bine. On the internet I see lots of small equipment for cleaning marijuana plants, but they seem too severe for hops. Does anyone know of hop cleaning equipment or other devices that can be converted to small scale hop stem and leaf removal?


Lake County California almost 7 years ago

Squash plants leaves turning up

This is my first garden so I've been relying heavily on internet tips, all has been going well until today. I am growing my squash in a 200lbs grow bag, they have started producing fruit about a week ago, so I started adding miracle grow performance organics which is 11-3-8, and yesterday I flushed them (watered until water came out of the bottom of the bag) it seemed to be going well but today when I went to water the leaves had turned a dark green and curled upwards, what is wrong with my garden babies? I've included 3 pictures the first 2 are the plants today and the last is them day before yesterday.


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Lake County California 6 months ago

Keeping Deer off Young Fruit Trees

Hi I live in a rural area and I'm looking for any natural way to repel deer or conceal the tree from their noses until it has a chance to root. They've destroyed or rendered ineffective every type of non-permanent barrier we've ever erected. Short of a 6' chain link fence is there any way to fool those crafty creatures?


Lake County California over 1 year ago

Safe or Dangerous?

Need help.. is this a safe spider and what kind of spider is it?


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Lake County California over 4 years ago

What. Kinda of rock is this???

Wonderin if this is gold.....


20190228_160603_2_300x300%2523 20190228_155942_2_300x300%2523

Lake County California over 1 year ago

Oregon State's Agriculture department farm

I have been accepted into Oregon State University as a Vet Science major. I was wondering if there is a school farm and if there is farm dorms. I was also wondering if there would be a place for a sheep I have. Thank you for your time, I hope to hear nack soon! -Alexa Koontz


Lake County California almost 3 years ago

sick cactus

what happen to my cactus



Lake County California over 1 year ago

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