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What are the 2017 county rent and values please?

What are the 2017 county rent and values please?


Griggs County ND almost 3 years ago

Pickles touched a copper-bottomed pot

My daughter was making refrigerator pickles last night and needed something large to cover the bowl they were to sit out in overnight on the counter. She used a large copper bottom pot to cover the bowl, and in the night, the pot shifted and the copper bottom fell into the brine. Now this morning, some of the pickles are discolored, and she wants to know whether they are safe to eat if she removes the discolored ones.


Griggs County ND almost 7 years ago

Toxic commercial mulch

Can tinted commercial wood like mulch be toxic to trees and plants? We have used the red tinted mulch around some of our plants, shrubs and trees. We have lost established young shrubs and newly planted plants. Could the mulch be the culprit?



Griggs County ND over 3 years ago


Wet roadside swale. Maroon colored
Look like a clump of tall onion scapes. No nodes like bamboo


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Griggs County ND about 4 years ago

Killing nuisance trees

We have volunteer siberian elms along our pasture fence line that we would like to eradicate. My husband has cut them down the last 2 years, and last year he even bored holes in the stumps and put Roundup in them. They grew back. Short of pulling them out by their roots, what else can we do to kill them for good? Salt?


Griggs County ND almost 3 years ago

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