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Looking for Honey Suppliers in NoDak for Mead

To Whom It May Concern:
Have recently gotten into making mead. In case you're unaware of the beverage it's fermented, watered honey. Very old traditional northern European drink as well. Would like to use as many local ingredients as possible. I would be grateful if first, you could provide me with a list of varietal honeys in the state with, second, the list of beekeepers to contact to get my hands on that liquid gold.

Also, am looking to branch out into melomels, which are mead with fruit added for flavor. So, would also be interested in getting some quality North Dakota fruit. Here again, need to know what's available across the state with the right people to contact about it.

Thanks for your help and even if you can only answer one of my four questions fully I appreciate it nonetheless. You'll still have saved me a lot of legwork.

With Gratitude,

Marcus Wax


Grand Forks County ND over 6 years ago

How long can seeds be stored?

I live in a zone in which it is not recommended that we plant outdoors until Memorial Day weekend. This means storing seeds for a longer period for planting in next year's garden. Do you have a seed instruction chart that provides all of the necessary/helpful info for those interested in utilizing seeds harvested from their produce? Thank you.


Grand Forks County ND about 4 years ago

Golden or Bald

I'm having a hard time with this one. Some say the immature golden has leg feathers as this one does.


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Grand Forks County ND over 4 years ago

Tree pruning

When is the best time to prune apple trees?


Grand Forks County ND about 3 years ago

Growing ferns inside

From Grand Forks, ND.
Someone asked me about overwintering their ferns in a heated garage. They have been trying to do this and every year they die. I asked the temperature in the garage and she thought around 50 degrees. I know they need humidity. What would be something to try for this year? Thank you.


Grand Forks County ND almost 4 years ago

Temperature to cover flowering plants.

OK, I got excited with the wonderful temperature last weekend. I planted some flowers. At what night time temperature do I need to cover my plants. Double impatiens, royal geraniums, Gerber daisies, and petunias. It looks like it might get down to 37 degrees tomorrow night. Thank you.


Grand Forks County ND about 3 years ago

compost in tumbler not getting warm enough to break down

How do you measure the ratio of brown to green ingredients for breakdown. Wh. at is the proper ratio? I have tried many combinations and nothing has worked. Compost is moist but not soggy. I turn it every day or two. I have added some dirt and some manure.


Grand Forks County ND almost 5 years ago

Plum/ Cherry tree question

Hello, I have a Stanley Plum tree that is 5 years old. We live near Grand Forks ND. Every year it gets lots of plums, but they all fall off before they are ripe. I also have 2 Tartarian Cherry trees, and the same thing happens with them. Any suggestions?
Thanks so much!
James Sletten


Grand Forks County ND over 5 years ago

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