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Old apple tree branch rotting out

I moved into my house 10 years ago and it had an established apple tree in the back yard. It makes great applesauce and cider. But, one of the biggest branches is rotting out. I've braced it with some serious straps to prevent it from tearing apart the stump if it breaks off, but is there anything I can do to save the branch?

This year, it also has had a few branches just up and die on me. The only sign of damage is the bark pealing back to show black wood beneath. It might be unrelated. I planned on trimming the dead branches off this February.


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Eddy County ND 11 months ago

webs in trees

we have a lot of little webs with tiny worms inside. These are mostly on fruit trees and I believe these to be tent caterpillars. Can I remove the webs and spot spray? Or is there a more effective treatment and what works the best?


Eddy County ND about 3 years ago

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