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Cherry and pear tree

Both of our cherry trees and pear tree look like they have died. They started out with the leaves turning brown and then the branches. The trees are about 3 years old and were doing great until this. Is this the cause of a bug or lack of something? Can we cut the trees back and see if they will come back out? Is there something we can feed or spray them with that will help them not die.


Kings County California over 6 years ago

Questionable plant in my garden

Hello, I planted radishes, peas, and green bean seeds in my garden and also transplanted a cucumber plant. The radishes are going and so are the beans but this plant is popping up everywhere and I have no idea what it is. Please advise so I can either pull them up or let them flourish. Thank you!


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Kings County California over 4 years ago

Carpet beetles

We are and have been infested with carpet beetles for almost a month now!! We have had the inside of our house sprayed by a perfessional three times. We have even removed all of our door frames and baseboards. We even vacuumed up what we found behind each of those then had it sprayed again. We put everything back on recocked everything we can’t get rid of them the larvae and adult ones r still showing up in our windows!! How can I get rid of these bugs I’m so tired of them!!!



Kings County California over 2 years ago

Stella Cherry Tree

We live in Hanford, CA . On 2/10/2018 we purchased a 3.5 gallon Stella Cherry Tree from Lowes. Planted as directed. It was doing well, new leaf buds about a month ago and finally leaves appearing on the branches. Yesterday we noticed that the leaves are turning brown and curling up. What is happening?? This is our 3rd Cherry tree that has died!!


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Kings County California over 2 years ago


I’m new to growing citrus. Leaves are yellowing on both the Meyer lemon and Bearss lime trees. Suggestions?? Thanks for your help!


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Kings County California about 2 years ago

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