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What kind of rock is this

I don't know what kind of rock this is can anyone help ?


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Baldwin County Alabama over 2 years ago

What plant is this?

This is an invasive spreading plant by rhizomes, which has a pink, pom-pom type flower in Springtime.
This plant grows as fast as bamboo, has a putrid smell when crushed.



Baldwin County Alabama over 4 years ago

Peace Lily

Not all but some of the leaves are turning yellow and brown. They have been fed w/ shake n feed miracle grow continuous release plant food. I also use a spray bottle from time to time to miss this air around it so that they feel the humidity. My fear is that maybe they have been overwatered. They're also kept on my porch so they don't get direct sunlight



Baldwin County Alabama over 4 years ago

Transplant from Alabama

I am moving to Aberdeen from Alabama in the near future. When I look at gardening zones they seem to be the same. However, I know you have shorter summers than we do. My question is; will my gardening books for the southeast region still be valid in Washington?


Baldwin County Alabama over 7 years ago

Sunflower Newbie

I have never planted in my life. I dumped a whole bag of sunflower seeds into a pot and now they are all just thriving! I didn't expect it at all!! Can they all grow like this? I don't think they can but I'm too scared to transport them because i know I will kill them. HELP.


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Baldwin County Alabama almost 6 years ago

Winged Black bugs on windowsill

What are these? My windowsill and on the floor below was covered with them. I haven’t seen a live one.



Baldwin County Alabama almost 2 years ago

Rust on leaves

This year in Fairhope, Alabama, my hydragren. Are plagued I am unable to get ride of it!! Please help!!!


Baldwin County Alabama over 1 year ago

BARN Quilts

I am looking for a map and information regarding your barn quilt trail. My husband and I will be traveling thru your area - sure do we to see the quilts!!


Baldwin County Alabama about 2 years ago

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