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Professor Kolding`s Open-Pollinated Sorghum Lines

Professor Mathias KOLDING; I am a master student in NDSU Department of Plant Sciences. I am studying with Professor Burton Johnson and we are evaluating `Location, Seeding Date, and Genotype Maturity Interactions on Grain Sorghum in North Dakota. We harvested your lines (SARE and PI lines) third week of October. I will choose and plant 4 open-pollinated genotypes from your lines in 2018 and 2019 growing season. Unfortunately, I have no idea about your SARE lines. In order to use and add my thesis, can you share lines history and story or genetic structures to me? Cool tolerance, kernel color, kernel size, chemical component of grain (protein, ash content ect.), maturity, breeding year. If you have yield trial result that is excellent for me. SARE 6, SARE 10, SARE 14, SARE 17, SARE 22, SARE 25, SARE 34, SARE 37, SARE 65, SARE 66, SARE 67, SARE 68, SARE 70, SARE 72, SARE 74. If you want, I can give more information about my thesis. Furthermore, you can make connection my advisor Professor Burton Johnson. Best Regards, Kutay Yilmaz NDSU Plant Sciences - New Crops Production 701-541-4479

Cass County ND over 2 years ago

Plant identification help!

I inherited a houseplant from a friend and need assistance in identifying it please! Thanks!

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Cass County ND almost 5 years ago

Cottonwood questions

We live in South Fargo and have a 40 ft, 8 yr old Cottonwood. The tree splits almost at the trunk. The left side has split in the bark and the joint may have some sort of disease, looks black in the crevice. I have attached some pics.


Img_2854_300x300%2523 Img_2855_300x300%2523 Img_2853_300x300%2523

Cass County ND about 2 years ago

lack-luster grass

My grass is just not as "green" as my neighbors. I have heard about applying lime to help with this. Does this solution work here in Fargo and how would I go about applying it? If not lime, what will help?


Cass County ND over 4 years ago

I didn't do a good job trimming my maple tree

Hi there, Tonight I trimmed a few branches on my maple tree. One branch took some extra bark with it, and I fear I've injured the tree. I took the piece of bark and reattached it so it's held to the tree with the kind of wrap used to hold gauze to an arm after a blood draw. I hope that what works for a human limb also works for a tree limb!!! Can you offer any suggestions for further care?


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Cass County ND about 2 years ago

Mold mites

I feel That for mold there in the carpeting water made us very Sick my dog died and brother I've been very sick


Cass County ND over 1 year ago

Raised bed for Hedge/Wall/Fence


I have a question that I'm pondering for some landscaping I wish to do this spring or early summer. I'd like to add a hedge to a corner of my lot for privacy and potentially some sound reduction from the street. I'd like to know if its plausible to make a raised be that would be 3-4' wide and 2-3' tall with a hedge planted double (alternating, like a zig zag pattern) in the raised bed. Questions: 1) Can I plant a hedge in a raised bed provided it is that size. 2) Can I plant a hedge in that area and expect it to be full and dense enough to help with sound and privacy (Sunlight/Water) 3) What are the recommended hedge species for this area. For reference the address is 1303 9th st S, Fargo ND. Thanks, Matthew


Hedge_above_300x300%2523 Hedge_side_300x300%2523

Cass County ND over 2 years ago

Lawn brown spots

I have round brown spots in lawn. They are 3 to 6 “ in diameter. Had them last year and this year. Not all of the grass in circle is brown.


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Cass County ND 11 months ago

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