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Pasture weed management in Burleigh County, NDq

Is there anyone that will do a site evaluation and help me create a plan to better manage weeds in my horse pastures? Approx 18 acres.


Burleigh County ND about 4 years ago

What is eating my apple blossoms?

Hi, I live in Bismarck, and just noticed that some kind of insect is eating the blossoms on my apple trees. It seems to be worst on my Honeycrisp tree, which has several clusters of blossoms. Only one cluster is developing normally, and the others seem to have the insides eaten from each blossom. I’ve noticed a couple of tiny extremely mobile insects in the affected blossoms - they are maybe 1-2 mm long, and very hard to see. I have two other apple trees about 100 ft away that are less affected. There is a Sweet 16 that is in full bloom and unaffected, and a snow Sweet that is slightly affected. I also have a cherry and plum, neither of which seem to be affected. I’ve attached a photo of an affected blossom cluster. Do you know what this is, and how to treat the tree? Thanks!



Burleigh County ND about 2 years ago

Fertilizing a new lawn

I just planted grass Sept 20th and noticed today that the grass is coming up. Do I still fertilize the grass when it's 2 inches? I've never planted this late and I wasn't sure because the days are getting quite cool.


Burleigh County ND almost 7 years ago

Roundup for Lawns

I would like to use Roundup for lawns to get control a variety of weeds. I live in a rural area and have a lawn that is a country mix made up of Fairway Crested Wheatgrass, Sheep Fescue, and Perennial Ryegrass. I planted my lawn three years ago.

Can I safely use Roundup for lawns on this grass mixture?


Burleigh County ND about 3 years ago

Those darn voles

The voles made a mess of my yard this winter. They have been chewing up other yards in our neighborhood as well. Would it be worth it to hire a pest control person or is there a better way to keep them in check next year?

The yard has mostly recovered but there are still bald patches.




Burleigh County ND about 1 year ago

Potato leaves curling tight

Leaves on a number of potato plants are curled up tight. More on the upper part. I have attached photos. What is this? Something to be concerned about? This is on new ground. It was sprayed with roundup in the fall and later dug up the same fall. When planting this spring. I mixed in, from Menards, some steer manure and garden soil (compost). More of the curls are on red norlands, some on the kennebecs and Yukon golds.


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Burleigh County ND about 2 years ago

Cottonwood tree dropping leaves


I have an old cottonwood (75+ years?) in south Bismarck in my backyard and for the past 3 or 4 years it has started dropping yellow leaves by about mid-June. Any idea what could be causing this? It looks healthy otherwise.


Burleigh County ND about 7 years ago

Cantaloupe is turning to mush

I have had at least 3 cantaloupes that I can poke my finger through on one side, then the wall collapses and the inside is liquid; any ideas?


Burleigh County ND almost 3 years ago

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