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I bought 4 young blueberry plants for zone 2 and 3. They came in 2 gallon containers. I bought 4 - 35 gallon COMMERCIAL CLOTH containers ( THEY ARE THICK AND WELL DRAINING CONTAINERS) to transplant each of them into. I just learned I need to gradually transplant them into 5 gallon, then 16 gallon to 20 gallon and so on. I am at a loss because I don't want to spend any more pots than I have to. Will they die if I go ahead with the 35 gallon ? And the area where they will be placed will be covered with snow about 36 inches deep. Will the snow insulate each plant adequately? What advise can you give me to prepare my blueberries for a harsh winter? How much Peat moss + how much potting soil + how much perlite to be mixed together ? Or other alternative, how much commercially bought compost + how much potting soil + how much perlite to be mixed together ? Please help!!! Thank you. My email address is:


Barnes County North Dakota 5 months ago

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I have weeds in the garden, not really pulling kind. Have tried weed b gone, done nothing. Not sure I want to try super toxic stuff. Ideas? How do you trim a dogwood? With a hedge trimmer or lopper and how far can you cut down from top, it’s probably 8 feet tall. Thanks


Barnes County North Dakota about 1 month ago

Pruning clematis vines

I know about the 3, or is it 4, clematis groupings for pruning. My question is not about that. My question is - due to lots of water last fall, this spring and my fertilizing, my clematis vine has grown beautifully and has grown beyond the top of my trellis. It is blooming now and is a beautiful crowded mass of solid flowers at the very top and hanging over, with about 4 to 5 feet of green vine below. That is not the look i want. Would it have been okay for me, as it was growing so tall, to cut that growth back? I don't mean that I would wait until I saw how tall it was going to get and then chop it off. I would start pruning it back gradually as I see it looking like it would be growing really tall. That type of pruning would probably encourage it to put up more stems from the base of the plant. Or would that result in no blossoms now? I bought it with the tag missing, but I think it is the Jackmanii variety. Just wondering - hope you can shed some light on this. Or maybe next year I can cut it back and experiment to see if it will still bloom. Thank you for any help you can give me. Bonnie


Barnes County North Dakota 5 months ago

Fall watering of strawberrys

We are in late fall now with some frost in early mornings. It has been dry for some time now and I am wondering about watering my strawberrys this time of year.


Barnes County North Dakota about 4 years ago

Growths (or worms?) on plum tree leaves

We've taken over the care of my husband's family's centennial farm in the Valley City area. In the shelterbelt is a plum tree -- what my father called a wild plum tree. The tree was in full bloom last weekend and when I checked it again this week, I found growths or worms on some of the leaves. What are they, and are they harmful to the tree? Also, what care should we give the tree? We've been cutting out the dead wood and had a bowl full of plums 2 years ago, but only a couple plums last year. Do they need another variety to produce? We believe the shelterbelt is at least 60 years old. Thank you for your help!


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Barnes County North Dakota 6 months ago

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