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Size Is Not The Issue

From, can you please update your article at so that your discriminatory anti-artist phrase, "use a small artist's brush to transfer," reads, "use an artist small brush to transfer," so that your such grammatical error does not scare the bees away from the squash, as the yellow squash, zucchini, and sweet onions at the grocery stores are growing, perhaps from reduced pollination, painful needles? I do not really know how such an error on your part might be making the bees avoid the squash in the farm fields, but, just in case, can you please correct such error, anyway, as I would certainly enjoy getting back to including plenty of assorted fresh raw vegetables in my fat loss diet?

Kern County California over 2 years ago

What is this spider?

After finding the eggs of a Brown Widow spider in our yard last week, I’m interested to find the name of this spider. I saw this spider on a columnar cactus in our garden about 10 am, in Bakersfield, CA. I forgot to take a picture until about 5:30 pm. It looked to me like it hadn’t moved at all. I wasn’t even sure that it was still alive. I gave it a little touch and it moved. I couldn’t get a good picture of it’s head. I turned the photos ‘sideways’ to get a better look. I really like it’s spiny legs. Cactus being one of my favorite succulents, that doesn’t surprise me.
Sidney and Jack Kelley
1516 Belle Terrace
Bakersfield, CA 93304


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Kern County California over 2 years ago


I found this while i was living in Bakersfeild California, Do you know what this is it's real green and you can see it kinda sparkels


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Kern County California over 1 year ago

unbalance elm tree

A vary large limb blew off of my elm tree, leaving it badly unbalanced..The tree is about 40 years old and 3 ft. in diameter. I'm afraid that heavy trimming to balance it well leave only a few buds. Will the tree produce new bud next year like a cotton wood tree dose or is it likely that my elm tree will die?
I live in the Mojave desert.


Kern County California almost 4 years ago

What plant is this

Its smells like lavender but I'm not sure .


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Kern County California about 4 years ago

Killing Goat Head Weeds & Seeds

Dear Experts, I live in California’s Central Valley and due to the much needed heavy late rain, I have a bumper crop of goat head sticker weeds. More than I have ever seen in 20 years. Actually it’s one half acre of solid sticker weeds on bare ground. I should have pulled them while they were green but Due to a heart operation I didn’t. Now it’s too late because they are dry and the goat heads will fall off as I try to pick them up. They will just become planted seeds after discing. So I’m wondering how to kill the seeds before I disk the field. I plan to build on the property one day and I would like it to not be a goat head farm. My neighbor had a similar goat head issue. He used a propane blow torch hooked to a 20 lb. propane tank and walked around burning the dried weed and the goat heads as much as possible. I’m not sure if his method will work. What do you think of burning the seeds? What other methods can you advise me to try? The field is dry and hard at this time, but after we get some rain I will need to disk it to keep the weeds from growing. I have the bumper crop of goat head weeds because I didn’t disk after the early June rains, and I didn’t walk around and pick the small green weeds when they first sprouted like I usually do. I would be very grateful for any advice you can help me with. Respectfully Harold Harris


Kern County California 12 months ago

My tomatoes

I have my tomatoe plant in a pot with holes in bottom for water to drain. My blooms are drying up I dont know what to do. Plus how often should I water it? This is the first year I have grown one thanks for your help.


Kern County California over 3 years ago

A- 1 zoning

if you have property in an A-1 zoning witch is a light agriculture ground. can you sell firewood off the land without a permit? or do you not need a permit?


Kern County California about 6 years ago

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