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Decaying Bark at base of Maple Tree

Is the health of this tree in danger? Is there anything I can do to resolve this? Please see pictures and thank you for your help.

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Yancey County NC 9 months ago

Freezing behavior

How long will the hen and her chicks remain in their "frozen" stances? They were all
pecking and scratching in their run when the hen clucked once and all the chicks
immediately dropped to the ground and the hen remained motionless looking at a
spot under the trees for at least 20 minutes. The chicks didn't move at all either for at
least the same time. We didn't see anything at all moving and heard nothing either.


Yancey County NC over 5 years ago


Can you tell me what kind of snake this is



Yancey County NC 4 months ago

Buckeyes (Horse Chestnuts)

I am wondering, if the buckeye nuts are not edible, where do they all go? We have many trees in our area, and the nut pods are falling at this time of year. Many, many pods on the ground but the nuts are gone. Seems something must be gathering them for some use (other than we humans for decoration, lol).



Yancey County NC over 4 years ago

single yolk conjoined chicken

I had an embryo die on day 17 of incubation. It looks like early on the embryo began to split into 2 and just didn't make it. It had 1 eye, 2 wings, 2 butts, one head, one neck, and 4 legs. The 2 bodies only had one set of organs that remained outside the body(ies). I would love to know if my idea might explain it. That or my hen splashed in some nuclear waste.



Yancey County NC over 6 years ago

Inquiry about a vine growing

Hello! This vine is growing in a shaded area of western north Carolina. I'm trying to identify it, though I'm struggling to do so. It's got 5 glossy leaves that radiate from a single point.


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Yancey County NC over 4 years ago

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