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No rinse sanitizer

How often should no rinse sanitizer be mixed when using in mist spray bottle for pre-cautionary use in small meat processing plant. It is Koch boot dip and sanitizer.


Yadkin County NC over 1 year ago

Invasive Weed

A weed I never saw before is growing over unmown grass on our property. It has delicate English ivy shaped leaves, tiny yellow flowers and green, fruit about the size of large olive pits. the fruit has layers of three seeds radially. it also has tendrils that hang onto the grass. If you could name this and let us know if it is something scary for the neighbor's cattle that would be great.

Update: Found the plant, finally, on the Web. Melothria pendula, creeping cucumber. Sounds safe.



Yadkin County NC 4 months ago

Fodder for Rabbitry in small family application

Is seed fodder safe for domestic rabbits? I've heard of barley, sunflower and lentils being used but Rabbits are not generally fed grains and some sites discourage it. Is it (those varieties that are commonly in use) that they are safe because they are used only in the sprouted form? Can sprouts be too developed to feed to rabbits? Are there some sprouted grains/seeds that are safe for poultry but injurious to rabbits? Would peas be good fodder?


Yadkin County NC 25 days ago

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