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Tomato plants grow nice and healthy them suddenly start wilting and dying.

I have six tomato plants in a raised bed that grow huge with tomatoes all over them and then they suddenly wilt and die. They are labeled to be vfn resistant. Last year I had two of the six die. This year all 6 have started wilting. What is it that's causing this problem. I'm about ready to never grow another tomato. What can I do. These are early girl indeterminate variety. I also tried after two died to plant another resistant big boy variety and they are still small but starting to wilt and die.


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Wilson County North Carolina over 1 year ago

100 Year Old NC House Advice

I have a house in NC built in 1920. There is a basement under half the house with a drainage pipe from a "chimney" like block structure built along the outside basement wall where ground water collects and drains through a pipe into a channel in the basement leading to a sump pump. My question - on a rare occasion when the power goes out, I want to "plug" the incoming pipe and then slowly drain once the power comes back on so that I don't have to invest in back-up power, connect a generator or lose anything stored in the basement. Am I crazy?


Wilson County North Carolina over 4 years ago

Plant Identification

App identifies this as a globe cactus however when selecting it the next page is not anywhere close to the identity. It's more in the aloe family. Any idea as to the type would be appreciated



Wilson County North Carolina almost 5 years ago

African Geese

Why do you say need start over every year, because older geese not as active as young. We just wanted to get a pair, we live on a farm with a pond. We have mallard ducks,turkeys, A pair of white swans that are laying eggs now. & hen chickens. Along with horses large and miniature. Goats, sheep , donkeys.. Do you see any problem with them. We just want for pets not cleaning out fields of weeds. Any information we gladly appreciate it. Thanks Barbara Rodger Kirby


Wilson County North Carolina almost 5 years ago

Neem oil on collards

Is it OK to use neem oil on my collards? I've been spraying Dawn mixed with water but the worms don't seem to care.


Wilson County North Carolina 6 months ago

Blue Berry fertilizer

I'm having trouble locating blue berry fertilizer. Know of any sources? Cordially, Billy Sharpe


Wilson County North Carolina about 6 years ago

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