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Can you identify the picture i've attached of a red seed pod?

No one seems to know what this is. Do you?
Let us know.



Watauga County NC over 7 years ago

Native grass of blue ridge mts.

What is the grass that grows naturally on Beech Mt., NC, that matures at around 12” and curls over. It is wispy and grows in sun or under the Beech canopy. Also is there some place I could purchase seeds? THANK YOU!


Watauga County NC over 2 years ago

should I remove the top of the tree

I recently bought my first home which had a small garden section to it. I purchased an apple tree and I've planted it. The issue I've noticed with this tree is that it was grown in such a way word has a heavy top. The more I look at it the more I believe I should remove that piece to avoid it from bending and causing the tree to grow deformed. I'm not an expert gardener or arborist. Does anybody have any advice? Thank you.



Watauga County NC over 1 year ago

Sweet Woodruff

Some ignorant landscapers "cleaned" around our patio and pulled up my sweet woodruff. If they missed any parts what are the chances it will come back up?


Watauga County NC about 4 years ago


We would like to plant a lot daylilies in our yard. Is there a way to prevent deer from eating them? We have any this problem with many of our plants. Thank you. Alice Pearl apearl1@cfl.rr.com


Watauga County NC over 4 years ago

Sending in Germplasm

If I have receive germplasm from GRIN for research purposes could I send some of the newly developed germplasm to the center that I originally received it from to resupply their gerplasm store? Would they want it? If they do how would I go about sending the new gerplasm in?


Watauga County NC over 1 year ago

Missing Squirrels

I live in Watauga county NC. This is in the mountains. I have had for the last two years that I lived here more or less 5-8 grey squirrels all the time. We feed the deer corn and the area where the deer eat has always been good for squirrels. We throw bird seed and sunflower seed on the ground for the squirrels. We have lots of nut trees etc close by. Suddenly the squirrels are missing.Any clue as to why?

David & Sandy


Watauga County NC over 1 year ago

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