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Warren County North Carolina over 1 year ago

Moving from NC to TN

I have some Lenten Rose and Balloon flowers that I would like to take with me when we move in a couple of months. Can I do this with these flowers? Can they dry out or should I bag them and plant as soon as we arrive at our new home?


Warren County North Carolina over 4 years ago

Managing bermuda fields for winter after flood

I have two Bermuda fields: one planted May 2015 and one planted May 2016. I have lightly grazed them with horses when it got ~10” for a 1-2 days occasionally. I have mostly managed them through these first yrs by mowing them down to 2-3” as needed (weekly). Last fertilization was 8/1/2016 with 50 lbs N/ac. I do not wish to over seed with rye this year. The stands were looking very good at 8-12” high with very minimal broadleaf weeds & some patches of crabgrass; however the fields were recently flooded for 3 days by Fishing Creek. They are now dry, standing upright but have a fine dirt silt covering so I would not expect horses to graze it well.

Should I mow the fields and if so when and to what height in prep for winter?


Warren County North Carolina over 4 years ago

Reseeding fescue after flood

I have a few acres of mature fescue in which about 1/3 dried up and died this summer and crabgrass moved in. I cut the field before crabgrass seeded out and reseeded with fescue (broadcasted the seed and then culti-packed in) a week before those acres were flooded by Fishing Creek for 2 days.

Shall I assume the seed was washed away?

The ground is dry enough to tractor over now. Can I still reseed at this time?


Warren County North Carolina over 4 years ago

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