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Identify a place to purchase red maple and bur oak sapling for wedding planting

Hi there: I work for cooperative extension at nc state university in the extension forestry program. I thought I would start with extension for my question / quest. My step son is getting married in denver next week and part of the ceremony they would like to do a tree planting...specifically red maple and bur oak. They are hoping to use only 2-3 old stock so it would not be too big. Is there any industry, business, university, or state nursury that would be able to supply something like this? Of course this is the absolute worse time of year to do something like this but if the roots are not disturbed too badly there may be a way to minimized the shock, another reason why a seedling would probably be better for this. I will be flying out this Friday and Hope to maybe be able to get my hands on something by Monday next week...if possible. Please give me a call and we may discuss. My cell phone is best 828.734.9795 Many many thanks and looking forward to discussing with you. James Jeuck extension associate Ncsu extension forestry Raleigh, nc Work 919.515-5574 Cell 828.734.9795

Wake County North Carolina over 6 years ago

Software application

I have a software application that can evaluate a whole range of energy and related data. In a sense, the application can process all relevant data.

Would Omnia Aptus or shortened omniaptus be an appropriate way to reference that all [data] fits in this application?


Wake County North Carolina about 4 years ago

Hognose help

I am planning to get a Hognose snake soon and getting him a 20 long terrarium, I need to know what blurb I need for my terrarium, thank you


Wake County North Carolina over 4 years ago

DNA hydrolysis reaction time

I would like to know how long until dna, outside of the cell, placed in water, starts to come apart via hydrolysis reaction.


Wake County North Carolina over 4 years ago

Natural Handmade Soap

We make natural handmade soap - all natural vegetable oils - herbs - exfoliants. We are seeking any information regarding the cold processing method. Want to keep abreast of new techniques and methods to enhance our green concept.


Wake County North Carolina almost 8 years ago

Hard mast trees

Is production of acorns really high this year? Is that because we've had such a warm, wet summer (several of them)? Do all of the mast trees coordinate their produciton, or is that species specific? Thanks!


Wake County North Carolina 4 months ago

Identification of fall weed in Bermuda grass in Raleigh

I have a thick two year old Bermuda lawn with no bare spots. Just this week a grassy-like weed has appeared in the lawn. Attached is a picture. It is almost like a vine. Dont think it is Poa. Any idea what it is and how to control? I did apply preemergent back in Sept. Thanks! Mike


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Wake County North Carolina 4 months ago

Japanese Maple Black Bark

Last year we noticed a bit of black bark on one of our favorite Japanese maples. I was about eight inches up one of the trunks. This year it was obvious that the black had grown so we called in a tree service. We were told the tree had Ambrosia Beetle, but they weren't sure what was causing the black bark. Now, even though the tree was treated for the beetle, the black has grown much more and as you can see from the pictures, the side that originally had the black is extremely stressed. The arborist from the tree company is still telling us that they do not know what the black is, but now they want to treat more trees on our property and charge us $1000 a year for that treatment. Obviously, we are being taken advantage of because the problem that we called them out for in the first place is not being treated. We have 28 Japanese maples on our property and this tree is one of our favorites, so it's suffering is making us quite sad. Please help. If we can just figure out what it is then we can treat it properly. The arborist said he didn't think it was verticillium wilt or scale. I'm not sure he's right about that, but I'm not an expert. Any help is greatly appreciated, we don't want to see this tree die.


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Wake County North Carolina 4 months ago

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