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Why have all my Encore azaleas turned brown?

All my Encore azaleas look dead. The leaves are brown, yet when I dig a fingernail in the branches I can see green on some of them. It is now April 16. Should I assume they aren't going to make it and dig them up and replace them? How long should I wait to see if they come back? Should I prune them? I have 12 of them, so this is a very big and expensive problem.


Union County NC almost 7 years ago

White stuff on tree trunk

Hi. In my back wooded area there is a tree we previously cut down because of a beetle I believe, but now there is a white growth on the stump. It was a pine tree. My neighbor has the fast-growing cedars in between our yards and I noticed it was growing at the base of one of those as well. Do you know what it is? Is it an infestation?


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Union County NC over 4 years ago

Seeding and fertilizing old livestock pastures

Where can I go to get soil testing and advice on the best fertilizer and seed for pastures?


Union County NC 5 months ago

Ivy houseplant left In sun and moved to under a/c vent

I recently opened the A/C vent above my ivy that sits next to a sunny window shaded with a sheer curtain. After 2 weeks I went into room to water and found it was totally drooped over and some leaves were dry and crisp. Considering the new condition I realized I must have waited too long to water. Soil was dry so I watered minimally. But next day still the same. Should I water again and how much? How long will it take for leaves to stand up again?


Union County NC over 2 years ago

Copperhead or water snake

The picture was taken while trout fishing (back home in Pennsylvania) back in April. There's a debate. I say its a Copperhead, my friend says watersnake. I've never seen a watersnake that looks like this.



Union County NC 6 months ago

Is this mint plant safe?

Trying to find out if my mont plant is safe for my bay and dogs to get near.


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Union County NC over 4 years ago

ornamental bush in Indonesia with pink flowers

Hi, I live in North Carolina, but my question concerns an ornamental plant I encountered on a recent trip to Indonesia. It was a bush about seven feet tall. Flowers are pink with five petals and what appear to be ten stamens arranged in two tiers. I should have looked harder for fruits, but none appear in the pictures.

I encountered the bush on Buton Island, near Sulawesi. Someone else snapped a picture of the same plant in Surabaya, but he didn't know what it was either. See http://www.fairfun.net/tour10/100327-Lombok/flora/flora.htm (third picture down).


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Union County NC over 4 years ago

Snake Aggression - New Behavior

I have a 6 ft red tailed boa that has been very gentle and sweet since I got him (about 9 months ago). The previous owners had many snakes, dogs, and children who they said this snake had always been calm around. They said they also used him as a “show and tell” snake for some elementary school classes. I fed him 5 days ago and now he’s pooped & I need to clean it up! I started getting ready like normal, removing the heat lamp and putting my gloves on, etc. While I was standing there putting my gloves on he struck at me multiple times, even though I haven’t even stuck my hand in the tank or removed the lid yet! I’ve backed away from the tank and now he’s sitting there half under his hidey rock looking very tense. This is my first snake, but I’ve had animals all my life. I know usually if they act out of character like this something is usually wrong, but I’m not sure where to start with a snake! Could he be uncomfortable? In pain? How can I get him out without him biting me?


Union County NC 12 months ago

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