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Being besieged by a flying pest! What is it?!!

I live on the Albarmarle Sound close to the water. We are being inundated by some kind of flying pest in the billions! Carpeting windows, doors and sides of my two story house! I live on the second story and there are clouds of them on my front porch and everywhere! l I don't want to try and get through the clouds of these things even to go out! I am outside most of the day here usually with my cattle dog Ben and I love growing flowers and veggies in pots. I am now past the age when working in the ground is possible but pots work great! Anyway these evidently harmless pests are so thick I don't want to go out! I like nature, and do want to be educated about what is around us. I recognize that spiders are good creatures and enjoy dragon flies etc. But these things! OY! When they first arrived in the billions they were followed by an enormous flock of swallows! That was amazing! Watching those birds go after the bugs was a wildlife experience I would not have missed! That lasted a full two hours and I videoed some of this action with my phone. But now these little buggers are back but there are no swallows to eat them! Can I do anything about them. Is there a time limit on how long they stay in an area or is their lifespan very short so they just die? Thanks for your help. I need educating as I am from the Pacific Northwest and we have nothing like this there.


Tyrrell County North Carolina 6 months ago

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