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Holes in cale leaves

I am a novice gardener that's happlily working a garden in the house I bought in Brevard NC. I planted a couple cale (or is it kale ) plants. They have responded great. Doubled in size and we have started to pick leaves for dinner. In the last week or so I have noticed lots of holes in the leaves. I haven't seen bugs on the plants. Please advise.

Thanks, Cliff


Transylvania County NC over 5 years ago

Giant plants

What is this it's got to be ten foot tall. Growing by my bird feeder. When the foliage is ripped it has milk.


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Transylvania County NC horticulture plant identification over 3 years ago

Guinea coop

I have an 8 x 12 shed with a loft to make into a coop for French guineas. I want to provide a door into the loft from the outside so the guineas would have to fly into it to enter the coop. I plan on making a platform for them outside the door and another inside. Will they be able to do this, or do they have to walk into the coop like chickens do? My keets are 5 days old, and I want to get the shed ready before moving them to the coop.


Transylvania County NC poultry over 6 years ago

Chicken-House Problem

I know chickens attract mice and rats. I have used bait with some good results but want to do more. What might also work in a four-season climate at 2500 ft., under my concrete-floored building?


Transylvania County NC poultry over 6 years ago

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