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What kind of scat is this?

This scat was found in the morning along side of my driveway. We have plenty of woods surrounding us. We are in North Carolina, almost bordering Virginia. I am wondering if you can identify the animal that deposited it. It is about 5 in. high and 5 in. wide.


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Surry County North Carolina wildlife wildlife identification scat id over 2 years ago

Is this curry

I thought this was tarragon but think it may be curry, can you help?



Surry County North Carolina plant identification horticulture herbs about 3 years ago


Are ramps available to purchase in NC? If so when and where?


Surry County North Carolina over 3 years ago

yellow spots

I have two two year old apple trees. They have both developed yellow spots on their leaves, although one tree has considerably more spots than the other. Could you tell me what they are and will this effect their ability to bear fruit in the future. As of yet they are to young to have started producing any fruit. Thanks


Surry County North Carolina trees and shrubs horticulture tree health about 3 years ago

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