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protecting hazelnuts until harvest from squirrels

Years ago I planted some hazelnut trees I got from the National Arbor Day Foundation. Last summer I had a bumper crop coming on. I waited until the recommended harvest time--late July, early August--and found not a single nut! How can I protect my hazelnuts this year?


Stokes County NC over 2 years ago

Can't identify

Received this for mother's day from my daughter as a mystery seedling.


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Stokes County NC over 4 years ago

Lawn reseeding

What time of the year should I aerate, reseed and fertilize for fescue grass for best results. I tried to access the subjects on the web but I only received error message for all sites


Stokes County NC over 4 years ago

cherry trees

It appears from looking at leaf images, that my cherry tree has cherry leaf spot. The leaves are turning yellow and falling off. Other than trying to get the leaves that have fallen up instead of mowing them, is there any thing that I can spray the trees or the ground that will help? Thank you!


Stokes County NC over 6 years ago


What varieties of strawberries do local growers use? Where can I purchase them? The varieties sold at lowes, walmart, etc. Just don't seem to do as well as they should. I'm thinking it is because they are not indigenous to this area. I would like to try a variety that local farmers grow, that have a proven track record in this area. Thanks.


Stokes County NC almost 4 years ago

Fruit producing plant

I have came across this particular fruit in forestry areas and mostly along roadsides. it looks and smells like a pepper of some sort on the inside. I wish to know what it is and if it is edible.


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Stokes County NC over 4 years ago

plant identification

I was in Stokes County in the spring and saw patches of lawn in bloom. Various colors such as pink and purple. I'm trying to identify these flowers. Please help if you can.


Stokes County NC 5 months ago

Maple and Cherry tree shock

On Sep 10, 2016 I planted 5 trees in my yard, 3 Red Maples and 2 Quanzan Cherries (in holes 1 1/2 times the diameter of the pots and with soil conditioner added). The trees are browning and dropping bottom leaves yet the top leaves seem very happy. I am watering once per week with a slow 1/16" stream for 30 minutes x 3 intervals for a total of 1 1/2 hour slow stream irrigation, on Sunday afternoon every week. Should I be concerned about the leaf browning and leaf drop?


Stokes County NC over 4 years ago

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