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Plant identification request

This flowering plant in the corner of my yard has individual leafy stalks that are 3-4 feet tall, and it blooms on the end of the stalk. The photos show bush, bud and bloom. Can you tell me what this is?

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Rowan County NC over 7 years ago

What is this plant that started growing in my flower pot?

I had a plant that died and I left the pot outside and this strange fellow started growing. It has little broccoli looking things on the stalk and has two stalks. When I rub up on the stalk it feels smooth and when I rub down it feels rough and jagged.


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Rowan County NC over 4 years ago

What type of hornet is this

it was around 930pm and I was outside smoking a cigarette. On my way back in I heard the loudest buzzing noise ever in my life and turned to see something huge flying at me fast so I hit it with the door only to daze it. Then on the door frame I saw it was a huge hornet and smacked it 3 good times with the dust pan and it was still moving so I crushed its head with the dust pan and it was STILL moving. I will not kill bees but this I know was no ordinary bee it was a efin demon swooping in for the kill. .... Not tonight Satan!!!!!



Rowan County NC over 4 years ago

Red Maple Trees and Water lines

I really need to know if red maple tree roots interfere with water lines? How far away from water lines do they need to be planted.....or does a red maple tree not interfere with water lines at all? Thank you. Shirley Sweatt in N.C.


Rowan County NC about 8 years ago

Please help me

I am dealing with a bed bug infestation. I dot have the funds to pay a professional which is what I really need. My infestation is so out of control and I was wondering if I recieved government aid can they help with this issue? I've tried everything to no advantage and I dont know what to do anymore. I have three children under the age of 5


Rowan County NC over 1 year ago

Insect control?

I was just wondering if there was any all natural pesticides I could make? I got some 'Eight' insect control but after reading all the instructions I'm just kinda iffy of using it on my plants, I'm sure the chemicals in it are safe , but I'd still prefer something all natural so I actually know what I'm putting on them


Rowan County NC almost 5 years ago

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