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Mulberry Tree

I have a large Mulberry Tree that needs pruning. When is the best time to prune and do I need to spray cuts with pruning sealant?


Rockingham County NC 6 months ago

Identifying weeds

How can we identify the beneficial weeds in our WILD GARDEN??? Trying to save them for the birds,butterflies,bees, and hummingbirds:0)


Rockingham County NC almost 6 years ago

Brown Leyland Cypress

I have a row leyland cypress' that have been in the ground for about 7 years, all of them are about 20ft tall. I have one that has turned completely brown. The branches are still flexible and will not break when bent and there is still a touch of green on some branches. No signs of insects. I have been reading online about diseases. I have a couple others that have brown branches on the bottoms.

Do I need to cut the one down? Or is there a way to bring back the green? No bag worms. I am familiar with these, but no bag worms. Wanted to know so if it is a disease I can get it down before it really affects the other trees, 15 of them.

Thank you



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Rockingham County NC over 7 years ago

Lilac with black leaves

I have a young lilac bush and we've had so much rain from a hurricane that is two hurricanes that I've noticed leaves are turning black. What can I do?


Rockingham County NC over 2 years ago

cows and cherries

I have been reading that wild black cherries can kill cows if the cherries are eaten after they are damaged in a storm. Would Yoshino cherries affect cows in the same way, or are they safe to plant in a pasture?


Rockingham County NC over 7 years ago

Bee Pasture

Hi, my question is how do I economically convert a cattle pasture of grass and clover to a honey bee pasture? What crops or seeds to plant for honey bee forage for much of the year? About me: I have a small budding farm in Rockingham county that has been used for hay and pasture. Since my fathers passing I have since moved away from cattle and starting to grow more into bees. I have about 25 acres of hay/pasture and another 15 available adjacent to me. To me the only difference between a honey bee and a cow in a field is the forage provided. So instead of planting fescue what flowers/weeds/crops can I plant that's fairly economical for large tracts of land? Also I would like to ask; are there other farms in the region currently doing what I'm asking? Thank you.


Rockingham County NC 6 months ago

Carolina Sweet Shrub

I have two Carolina Sweet Shrubs. I planted them for the fragrance, but neither has any scent. They're about three years old. Does anyone have a solution? Thank you.


Rockingham County NC over 4 years ago

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