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Tea roses failing

I have a couple of tea roses that are suddenly developing a condition on their leaves. I don’t know whether to get a pesticide or fungicide. Your recommendation?


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Polk County NC over 1 year ago

What to name my new flower!

This beautiful vine ,with small trumpet flowers (red) some sort of morning glory? The "vine" looks like pine needles. Western North Carolina. It just popped up in my mom's flower bed. Around alot of Hostas.. thanks


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Polk County NC over 4 years ago

Invasive Plant Eradication

I'm working as a volunteer with a conservation organization trying to eradicate kudzu, tree of heaven, privet, etc. I would like to be more knowledgeable about the herbicides that I'm using. Can you suggest a book, manual or other material to make me more proficient in this area.


Polk County NC 4 months ago

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