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What is wrong with my bell peppers?

What is wrong with my bell peppers? Is this sunscald? They seemed to be doing really well until recently?


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Pender County North Carolina 6 months ago

Identify a weed

Hello: My name is Joe and I would like to identify a weed see attached pic below. Also how can I get rid of this weed in my lawn and what to use to do so and not harming my grass. Thank You



Pender County North Carolina 6 months ago

Flowering Kwanzan Cherry Trees

I have a kwanzan cherry that I sat out 4 years ago that has yet to bloom at all. The sapling is about 9-10 ft. tall and has lots of leaves, but no blooms ever as of yet. Is there something I can do to encourage blooming? Or a problem that is preventing it?


Pender County North Carolina 11 months ago

Unwell Autumn Blaze maple

Hello, This is an Autumn Blaze maple planted last year that has always been healthy until last week. It is watered regularly. I was wondering what is wrong with it. Thanks in advance.


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Pender County North Carolina 6 months ago

Is it Mold making us sick?

My question is; Is it Mold in my house that is making me and my family sick? I have an autoimmune disease and I’ve been really sick for almost a year getting worse instead of better. My doctors have either labeled me insane or have told me they just don’t know. My children have gotten terrible allergies within the past year that no allergy medicine can fix. My oldest has a terrible rash/itching skin. We have all had many colds, virus, you name it. I spent 3 weeks in the hospital in September. I wanted to throw in the towel on it all but the thought finally hit me. Maybe it’s not us maybe it’s our house! This all seemed to happen and/or get worse after moving in last July. I will post pictures. I’m just not sure what my pictures are showing. Mold? Mildew? Wood Rot? Something else? I’m frustrated and I am desperate for some help.


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Pender County North Carolina over 3 years ago

Plant Identification

Trying to find out what the name of this plant is. Can you help me?



Pender County North Carolina over 4 years ago

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