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As an Extension Horticulture Agent retiring in four weeks, what do I do now about

I'm an Extension Horticulture Agent retiring in four weeks, after 34 years service. What do I do now about I will not be in an office regularly to check e-mail for Ask and Expert questions directed my way. I will become a private horticultural consultant and services provider and will teach through my state's community college system, directed at workforce development classes and field trips to prepare more farmers locally and worldwide to succeed in coming decades after I'm eventually gone. I've yet to explore how to host courses on, but may do so if I'm permitted to do this after I've officially retired. I have international experience I hope to translate into written and illustrated blogs and publications put up online. I will help younger persons see potential in farming or services which support farms in the present climate of growing regulation and global competition. If anyone knows these answers and can provide me advice, I'm Tom Campbell, in Pasquotank County, NC where the Extension Center phone number is 252-338-3954. After retirement I may be reached at a voice mail recorder at 252-335-5395.


Pasquotank County North Carolina about 5 years ago

Why is my orange juice fermenting?

I buy frozen concentrate, I mix as directed and within 3-4 days it has started to ferment. I take the frozen concentrate out of the freezer and let it melt in about 6 hours and mix with cold water and it does it every time. My frig temp is constant 36-40 degrees, the container is a reused orange juice container with a screw on lid. In 3 days you can hear a little "pft" when you open the container after shaking and gets worse from there. Why is this happening and is the juice safe to drink?


Pasquotank County North Carolina over 4 years ago

rental rates

i have land in Manning SC and a Farmer is renting it to grow his crops. I need to know what the "rates" are for the yearly rent is to make sure that we are charging him a fair rate for him and us. Can you point us in right direction to find this out.
Thank you
Linda Smith

the property is 1163 Brewington Road
Manning SC
I also have 20 or so acres of wooded land that i am trying to see if we may benefit from clear cutting and letting it regrow it is overgrown and crowded and has a lot of vines and growth on it can you also help with this? to point me to the correct people to talk to about seeing to this. I have heard this could be a benefit to the land and some animal life and birds alike. I have seen it done around us here in NC and the result seems to allow new growth and if monitored better trees to come back.
thank you for your help.


Pasquotank County North Carolina over 6 years ago

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