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My horse pasture is overrun with nutgrass this year. I see the best recommendation is Outrider, you are right, expensive! Any alternatives that allow for grazing a few weeks? One sight stated Roundup would kill with 2 or more applications, is that a possibility? Since it is thick, should i wait til fall frost? Thanks!

Onslow County North Carolina 7 months ago

morning glory's

What was the yellow powder I saw on the under leaf's morning glory's???


Onslow County North Carolina 6 months ago

What grass is this

i am trying to reestablish Tall Fescue into my lawn, the seeds are only just now sprouting, but this grass is overwhelming. Its soft, which is all i care for in my lawn, but i dont know if it will stay that way. Can anyone please help me?


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Onslow County North Carolina 12 months ago


"If you haven't started cleaning up old plants and weeding, now is the time. You can use the grass clippings and dead leaves in your fresh layer of mulch."Newsletter, I just saw this in you Oct 2020. Does this mean I can use fresh lawn clippings in mulching plants now or is it referring to putting this as a fresh layer of mulch in a compost bin? I didn't know I could use fresh lawn clippings around my plants.


Onslow County North Carolina 5 months ago

Dinosaur fossil???

I found this last weekend along with tons of megalodon teeth fragments on a walk along Onslow Beach in Jacksonville, NC. Is it possible that this is a T-Rex tooth???


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Onslow County North Carolina over 3 years ago

Getting rid of bare branches

Planted a young 12 foot dura heat birch tree. Lots of branches are bare while others have sprouted leaves. Should I cut the bare branches off?


Onslow County North Carolina 11 months ago

Pruning shrubs

When can I prune Weigela and Spirea. I didn't prune the spirea after bloom this past spring, but it is really over-grown now. The weigela has just stopped blooming, and I don't know if I should prune it now. Should I just wait until after next spring to prune, and let them be wild looking now?


Onslow County North Carolina 6 months ago

Planting bearded iris

I received my bearded iris from Breck's in late August with instructions to plant in September. I have them in my refrigerator now, but just read information that I should plant in November or December if in zone 8. When should I plant them?


Onslow County North Carolina 6 months ago

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