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Is it too late to plant daffodil bulbs in New Hanover County, NC in Early February ?

Hi Extension,
Is it too late to plant daffodil bulbs in New Hanover County, NC in Early February ?

The varieties are:
Narcissus Carlton
Narcissus St. Keverne
Narcissus Geranium
Narcissus Rijnveld's Early Senation
Narcissus Jonquil Trevithian

They have been sitting in a garage since November.
Some of the varieties show signs of sprouting.
Some varieties do not show signs of sprouting.

Does it matter if they show signs of sprouting ?
Can I still plant them or is it not worth the effort (I am talking about bushels of bulbs, NOT just a bag of ten) ?

Thank you very much in advance.
Your help is greatly ! appreciated.


New Hanover County NC horticulture spring bulbs almost 3 years ago

Wheel bugs?

Are these wheel bugs and why are they on each others back? Mother and babies maybe?


Screenshot_20180928-104635_300x300%2523 20180925_142352_300x300%2523

New Hanover County NC insect issues wheel bug about 1 year ago

Winter bloom

This small shrub blooms little clusters in winter , just starting to form unopened blooms. They look a little waxy after they bloom and they have a mild sweet orange smell



New Hanover County NC plant identification horticulture almost 4 years ago

What is this cluster of mushrooms?

What is this cluster of mushrooms? It was right under our rose bush. It has been drying out all week due to the recent heat wave here in the south east. Is it poisonous? Magical? Edible? They smell mushroom-y in a good way ( like when you eat a good pasta with mushrooms) that makes me want to cook with them. But of course I wouldn’t eat them if not sure 100 percent. Thanks!



New Hanover County NC 4 months ago

what kind of tree

5 trunk tree, deciduous, blue berries in the fall


1476900926656_300x300%2523 1476900976158_300x300%2523

New Hanover County NC plant identification horticulture trees and shrubs about 3 years ago

I just want to make sure this plant is safe

I am trying to make sure this plant is safe for my kids to be around... Also what is it..and should I cut it down?. Thank you.



New Hanover County NC horticulture plant identification over 3 years ago

Broke a root connection

I was planning on doing some landscaping & gardening but first i wanted to get a fresh clear spot so i dug up the grass & any lingering weeds to leave me with renaining dirty I can mound up when ready to plant, however (in, Wilmington, NC) this Oak 30 feet from my front door atleast 4 stories high, already have the bulging roots above ground that show a clear line where the trees life force is spread out... thats when I cut into its root & at first i thought it was a pipe, but after a good half hour at hacking it away i just got a small chunk taken out of it.

My question is, have I disrupted nature in a sense to where it needs to be rectified. does the root need any "healing" from my hacking that i can help?


New Hanover County NC trees and shrubs horticulture tree roots over 2 years ago

Can they survive outside of nest/cocoon?

Sorry if some feel these are silly questions but I don't know much about larvae or the stages they go through, except that they eventually turn into an adult of the insect that laid the eggs. I have a mason bee house with a few grass carrying wasps nesting in it. There is another grass carrying wasp that has a nest in the split of a fence post located right by the bee house. I noticed it a couple of weeks ago when I was doing yard work because I saw pieces of grass sticking out of the split and I saw the adult wasp going in and out of that area. Today while I was raking up some grass clippings, I noticed a yellow looking worm/grub laying on the board below the split post. I walked over to get a closer look and saw another one laying right by it, along with some grass pieces and other material that looked like a nest. I scooped up the larvae and the material around it with a small garden shovel and upon doing that, I saw more larvae that had come out of their cocoons. I didn't know if they were suppose to be out of the cocoon this early or if it was the fall from the post that broke them open? Should I have put them back on the board where I found them laying or put them and the nesting material back inside the little cubby hole area where the nest was from the beginning? Are they suppose to be out of their cocoon this early and live like this until they're an adult wasp or are they suppose to stay inside cocoons until next year and then break out? Can they survive outside of the cocoon at this stage? Sorry for all the questions but I'm really interested in learning the answers. Thank you for doing what you do!



New Hanover County NC bees beekeeping over 2 years ago

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