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Is it too late to plant daffodil bulbs in New Hanover County, NC in Early February ?

Hi Extension,
Is it too late to plant daffodil bulbs in New Hanover County, NC in Early February ?

The varieties are:
Narcissus Carlton
Narcissus St. Keverne
Narcissus Geranium
Narcissus Rijnveld's Early Senation
Narcissus Jonquil Trevithian

They have been sitting in a garage since November.
Some of the varieties show signs of sprouting.
Some varieties do not show signs of sprouting.

Does it matter if they show signs of sprouting ?
Can I still plant them or is it not worth the effort (I am talking about bushels of bulbs, NOT just a bag of ten) ?

Thank you very much in advance.
Your help is greatly ! appreciated.


New Hanover County North Carolina about 4 years ago

Wheel bugs?

Are these wheel bugs and why are they on each others back? Mother and babies maybe?


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New Hanover County North Carolina over 2 years ago

Winter bloom

This small shrub blooms little clusters in winter , just starting to form unopened blooms. They look a little waxy after they bloom and they have a mild sweet orange smell



New Hanover County North Carolina about 5 years ago

Percent yield CBD from olive oil extraction

I make my own CBD. I use solvent extraction with olive oil. I know I will lose 10% from converting CBDa to CBD because of loss of CO2 molecule. I have spent much time searching for %loss during the solvent extraction procedure. I know most organic reactions do not give 100% yield. If I had this information, I would feel good about the true mg of CBD per ml. I know extraction yields will vary but i just need a range. Any help would be appreciated.


New Hanover County North Carolina 5 months ago

Cucumber Leaves Help!

I went out to check on my cucumber plants and they have been destroyed. I don’t see a pest but obviously something is wrong. Can you tell me what is going on and what, if anything I can do?


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New Hanover County North Carolina 6 months ago

What is this cluster of mushrooms?

What is this cluster of mushrooms? It was right under our rose bush. It has been drying out all week due to the recent heat wave here in the south east. Is it poisonous? Magical? Edible? They smell mushroom-y in a good way ( like when you eat a good pasta with mushrooms) that makes me want to cook with them. But of course I wouldn’t eat them if not sure 100 percent. Thanks!



New Hanover County North Carolina over 1 year ago

what kind of tree

5 trunk tree, deciduous, blue berries in the fall


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New Hanover County North Carolina over 4 years ago

Sick Crepe Myrtle - How to save?

Last summer, I noticed that a couple branches of my crepe myrtle had little to no growth on them. Around the same time, the folks that treat my lawn for weeds (TruGreen) mentioned it as well and offered to begin treating my shrubs and trees to control diseases and insects. I took them up on the offer in hopes that it would help the tree. This summer, there continued to be very little growth and this weekend mushrooms begam growing on and around the tree. It may be important to note that was planted around 10 years ago to replace a large tree (not sure what kind) that died in this spot. Upon building the house, we designed the driveway around the tree that was there to avoid having to remove it - the thinking was that perhaps we ended up covering too many of the roots as the tree ended up dying over the next few years. I would really like to do whatever I can to save this tree and have included some pictures in the hopes that you may be able to provide some advice as to what may be going on. Much appreciated!!


Crepe_myrtle1_300x300%2523 Crepe_myrtle2_300x300%2523

New Hanover County North Carolina 4 months ago

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