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Hemp dogbane

I have lots of hemp dogbane growing in my hay fields is it okay to cut and bale the dogbane and feed it to my cows and have there been studies of this being baled and feed to cows


Nash County NC about 5 years ago

What is eating my ferns?

My ferns were being devoured by evergreen cutworms. I cleaned all the ferns, cutting off damaged leaves, removed all the cutworms manually that I could find and sprayed the ferns with soapy water for the time being. I've fertilized and watered them since and will try spraying them with insecticide tomorrow in a small area to see if it hurts them and be more thorough if they tolerate the insecticide. I also found Japanese beetles curled up in the small tips of some new fronds. These ferns had been placed on the ground and not hung up. I also cleaned out as many dead leaves from the centers as I could because the evergreen cutworms sometimes are curled up like a dead fern leaf. Please post this for answers to "What is eating my ferns?" Thanx! Wendy King Nashville, NC


Nash County NC about 4 years ago

What type of pepper?

What type of pepper is this, it is very small. I researched Tepin peppers, but they look more round that this. Thanks!


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Nash County NC almost 4 years ago

ranch dressing

How come ranch dressing can sit on shelves in grocery store at room temp without going bad. When open it says refrigerate.


Nash County NC almost 3 years ago

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