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Non-invasive Flowering Woody Vine ID

I have a vine, once growing on the two sides of a trellis, that I can't identify. It's planted in full sun and grows up the trellis quickly, yet doesn't spread into the yard. It bloomed small fragrant white flowers the first year we moved into our house, sometime near winter (not sure if it was late fall or early spring). The plant was heavily overgrown when we moved in. When we cut it back (leaving only about a foot of the woody stem) only one plant survived. It has never flowered as a single plant over the last four years. I believe the leaves are linear, untoothed, and palmately compound. Each cluster grows 5-7 leaves, though I think more may grow as it matures (just cut it back 2 months ago so the pictures are of all new, recent growth). The plant stays green year-round. I have never found it in local garden/nursery shops. I want to know what it is so I can plant one on the other side. It's a fantastic, beautiful vine. Please help.


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Moore County North Carolina horticulture plant identification over 3 years ago

Japanese Compact Holly Conundrum

I was told that my English boxwoods had root rot because of their extensive bronzing of branch systems so I dug them out and replaced them with Japanese Compact Holly which I was told was a little bit sturdier. When I remove my English Boxwoods I also removed all of the root system and put in new soil. I checked the root systems very carefully and did not find any root rot. I replaced them with the Japanese Holly and 4 weeks later I am finding that they have small Branch systems that are bronzing they're covered and webbing quite often and while there is New Growth the tips look like they've been burnt off. Is there any way to save my beautiful new Japanese compact Holly? I suspect mites this go around... but I haven't seen any tiny bodies.


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Moore County North Carolina horticulture trees and shrubs almost 4 years ago

Deodara cedar

I have two deodara cedars on my property but the needles are becoming sparse. Can you suggest any special care or a tree expert who would help me care for these special trees.


Moore County North Carolina horticulture trees and shrubs over 3 years ago

Browning bermuda

Laid Bermuda sod in May. Sod did great in following weeks. Plenty of rain. Now it's June and temps of 95 in NC. I irrigate regularly. Sod is fading to whitish brownish in one corner. Not seeing it anywhere else. Is this disease or just heat stress. Help!



Moore County North Carolina lawns and turf horticulture bermudagrass over 1 year ago

pruning a crepe myrtle to become more tree like

I have 2 crepes that are getting huge and bushy. What are the important tips on how to prune them so they resemble trees over time? Thanks! Debbie


Moore County North Carolina trees and shrubs horticulture pruning about 3 years ago

Brown spots on popcorn plant

I repotted a blooming popcorn plant that I bought. A month later, black spots appeared. New growth but spots are taking over. Tried neem oil but still no results. What do I do to save this? Thanks!


Moore County North Carolina horticulture 8 months ago

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