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Type of corn?

I'm watching Bizarre Foods, and Andrew is at the Minnesota State Fair. He is eating roasted corn that resembles corn I remember from my childhood (approximately 58 to 59 years ago). It is my life longer than corn we have here in North Carolina. Have you any idea what type this corn may be? Thank you so much.


Mitchell County NC corn home food preservation over 3 years ago

ironwood saplings

I recently had some dense brush cleared next to my house because I had two huge oak trees come down and discovered that an ironwood was taken down by the felled oaks. I searched the rest of my property and found that it was the only ironwood tree I had on 20 acres. Do you know where I can obtain a sapling or small ironwood tree to plant to replace the one I lost?


Mitchell County NC 8 months ago

Large berry from tree?

I found a small tree that has large, dark berries growing individually and not in a bunch. Only about 1-3 on each branch, actually. The stems were dark reddish. The berries' skin has the sort of "dustyness" that blueberries or Concord grapes have. It's smooth on the bottom (no star shape or anything like a blueberry) And the tree has small pointed leaves. So what is it?



Mitchell County NC horticulture plant identification over 3 years ago

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