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Are they related?

I'm growing both Greengold and Eastern Rise squashes this year. They look the same. Are they related?

Thank you.


Madison County NC over 2 years ago

Unidentified tree/shrub

This stalky plant grew where we had just cleared some briars. It went from nothing to over 3' in just three weeks. No identifying flowers or blooms yet.



Madison County NC over 4 years ago

Pls help me save 50+ yr fern almost killed with ashes

Please help me save my grandmother's 50+ year fern I almost killed by putting ashes in the pot. The fern was in very good health beforehand with many long fronds, but it died back to one node of fronds immediately after the ashes were added. I removed as much of the ash as I could and trimmed back the dead growth and know not to add ashes again! Its been 4-6 weeks, and I've fertilized it gently. The remaining fronds are getting longer, but I don't see any new growth. Do you have any suggestions? Thank-you! Also, to whom can I direct this type of question after Ask An Expert is removed from the State extension website please? (I understand that's coming up shortly.)



Madison County NC 3 months ago

Is there a beetle that eats the roots of Calla Lilies?

I have a beautiful Calla lily but when starting to plant it I found some sort of beetle in the soil. And the roots of the Calla are mushy but the roots and fibers are white and healthy looking. The mushy parts of the bulbs are just mush. What can this be?


Madison County NC 8 months ago

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