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Growing tender basil

I buy beautiful basil plants and plant them in my herb garden, After several weeks it seems that all the leaves become crinkled and slightly bitter instead of the smooth, tender and flavorful leaves on the plant originally. I try to keep them trimmed back hoping that the new growth will be better but that does not seem to work. The plants get about 8 hours of sun. Could they need more water? Thanks for your help. David Dempsey


Macon County NC over 4 years ago

What is causing the black leaves on hydrangea?

Please help!


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Macon County NC 5 months ago

corrugated card board

What are the uses for corrugated card board in gardening


Macon County NC about 1 year ago


We are at 4000+ elevation with hard rain everyday in highlands area. Trying to establish grass. A lot of stubborn seeded bare spots . I followed all the tips including adding lime to the soil. Large percentage of clay present, and rolling terrain. I used Kentucky mix fescue contractor grade since it's a new grading. Any thing else I can do? Thanks, Don


Macon County NC 5 months ago


How to get rid of rats living under porch


Macon County NC about 4 years ago

Nuggets found on inside of evergreen/coniferous tree bark

I was in Highlands, North Carolina climbing this big evergreen tree and found these yellow-white spherical nuggets on the inside of the bark higher up on the tree ranging in size about the diameter of a dime. I thought they were seeds at first but then I thought the seeds were found inside the cones. Do you know what these are?


Macon County NC almost 3 years ago

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